Bridgestone on the chain of the masterpiece - IWC IWC Portugal seven days chain 500701

IW500107 is the first with a warm tone rose gold case of the fake watches Portuguese seven-day chain, released at the beginning by the fans sought after, before the basic watch are equipped with stainless steel case, 500701 with rose gold case with Silver plate on the embedded time scale is also made of rose gold. The left and right symmetrical small dials are at the three o'clock position of the power reserve display and the nine o'clock position of the small second hand. From the appearance of a glance can recognize this is the most classic design of the Portuguese series. \\\ The watch with self-produced 52010 movement, the movement has two most commendable features: the first is the automatic winding device, the traditional automatic mechanical fake watches on the chain principle is the use of the wrist of the wrist, watch automatic mechanical system within the metal balance wheel to continue to rotate the system to promote the lever and gear for the winding winding, the current market, all the automatic mechanical watches are similar, under the same concept in different forms of show, in addition to Jaeger LeCoultre The air clock is the use of temperature changes to make the internal metal bar to change the shape to provide power to the main winding winding. IWC IWC has always been a world-class watchmaking brand, its professional and technical aspects of a lot of commendable place, which we often say "woodpecker" Bialon on the chain system, Bialon automatically The chain system was developed by the technical director of the country, Bialington, patented in 1946. This system was further refined in 1950. The basic principle is in the movement of the automatic swing Tuo behind an eccentric cam, the cam in the "woodpeckers" between the two pulleys to promote the whole system, the principle of the system to make the system "long bird Tsui" and "short bird Tsui" constantly To move up and down, the formation of "long bird Tsui" down, "short bird Tsui" slide up; "short bird Tsui" pull down, "long bird Tsui" slide up, keep pulling helical gear-based winding , While the "woodpecker" on the replica watches uk chain structure there is a shock arm, you can slow down the use of the impact of vibration. Today we see the movement of the IW500107 is the use of the Bialon on the chain system. Second, the 52010 movement creates a double barrel to ensure a 7-day power reserve, although this leads to the case is too large and too thick, but this is very rare in the early long power watch. This also represents the peak skills of the watch industry at that time. In the internal organization, the 52010 movement of the chain of the pawl, automatic wheel and Tuo Tuo are now made of ceramic materials, automatic chain device operation almost no wear, black zirconia material will be reduced to almost Is zero. \\ Finally, we look from the appearance, from the 50000 movement to upgrade from the 52010 movement looks more impressive, the chain is also more efficient. Such a slightly huge watch worn on a slightly slender wrist, not imagined so discord, probably because the IW500701 the ear and the case of the convergence of a certain degree of curvature of the reasons, but the case is too thick Really led to the daily dress when wearing a little hand. \ In general, this is a Portuguese series of seven-day power reserve watch classic superior, if we purse enough, very recommended to buy, the watch design inherited the 1930s birth of the legendary Portuguese watch charm, and Combined with the current IWC IWC top movement skills.